Allied products provides all kind of solutions and accessories for beautifying your home. You can shop from different types of allied products beyond your imagination from ABC showrooms and by which you can acquire the perfect home making solutions and accessories.


Solid surfaces are the material usually composed with combination of different polymers, resins and pigments. It is most frequently used for seamless countertop installations and can be made to any shape or size without joints. It has an endless product category and some of these are Kitchen tops, Counter tops, Showroom counters, Dining tables, Wash basin tops etc.
In short, solid surface can meet your imaginations. Undulating, virtually seamless, organic shapes, bold effects of colour and translucency – if you can dream it, you can create it. Solid surfaces are available in most known brands like Dupont Corian, LG etc.


A quick glance in the mirror reaffirms our sense of self. Mirrors always helps us to regulate our emotions and sync up with ourselves and others. Mirrors in different sizes and shapes even incorporated with LED lights are available across ABC showrooms. You can have a look at different models and collections of mirrors available at our showroom's vast displays.


A Cabinet Basin always provides the most elegant look for home other than the conventional basins. Cabinet basins are available in different sizes and finish in materials like Stainless Steel (SS), MDF etc. Display gallery for cabinet basins are also available in our showrooms.


Edge profiles are available across our showrooms for beatifying the tiles laying. These profiles are designed to protect the exposed tile edge at corners of tile installations and provide an attractive, neat finish. They are also used to create smooth, neat transitions from tiled floors to other floor coverings.


Artificial grass for landscape has become more and more popular especially in areas where there is a water shortage and natural grass is difficult to grow. Artificial grass has developed wide applications including residential, commercial, play grounds, etc. Artificial grass is available in our showrooms


Adhesives and Epoxies are available in ABC Showrooms. Adhesives are gums uses to fix tiles and filling the joints of tiles. This would strengthen the tiles. We have brands like Myk Laticrete, Ardex Endura, Myk Arment are available in our showrooms